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  • Does your business sell Atlantic Lottery tickets?
  • Do you have procedures to control your lottery tickets?
  • Are you making the minimum of 5%?
  • Would you know if you had a theft?

    If "NO" to any of the above questions, please contact us

Is Your Business Maximizing Its' Profits?

A) Can you isolate your losses?
B) Does your business sell a service?
        If so, do you inventory your products?
C) Do you sell tobacco?
        Are you getting your margin?
        Can you produce a margin?
D) Do you have receiving procedures?
E) Does your book-keeper handle cash?
F) Do you have "cash" procedures?
            Does anybody monitor negative sales?
G) Are you taking inventory twice a year?
H) How many people know the "safe" combination?
I) Do you have accounts receivable procedures?
           Do you reconcile it monthly?
J) Do you sell gasoline?
           Do you reconcile litres sold to register sales?
           Does anybody monitor negative sales?
K) Do you have an alarm system in place?