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Riverview, NB
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Commercial Services

Maximum Alarm & Security Inc. offers the following services to Independent Retailers:
  1. Loss Prevention - We have a security license which requires that you be bonded and have liability insurance.
  2. Investigations - Losses, theft by employee and vendor, bond claims and covert digital surveillance.
  3. Investigations Reviews - Loss prevention reviews, bond reviews, front end (cash register) policies, procedures and controls.


Physical Security - the sale and installation of the following equipment:


  • camera, quads, multiplexers, monitors, covert camera, time lapse recorders 
  • intercom system 
  • DSS-630-1630 digital camera computers for a 6, 9 or 16 camera system. This will replace multiplexors, time lapse recorders and quad splitters 
  • safes - sales and installation (residential and commercial) 
  • camera domes 
  • video surveillance (equipment and monitoring)
  • training
  • card access
  • security door viewers
  • lock and key (sales and installation)
  • training, front end procedures, cash register, cash office
  • receiving log books (duplicate copies and numbered in sequence)
  • loss prevention seminars, programs and reviews
  • deposit bags 
  • commercial investigation
  • restricted key way system
  • bond claims
  • counterfeit money detectors 
  • opening and closing reports, refrigeration probes 
  • personal alarms
  • perimeter alarm with cellular phone backup which replaces Devac phone lines 
  • medical alerts set up 
  • alarm systems and 24h monitoring installation